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This video was taken by a friend of Na Leanai at the Fiddlers Green Folk Festival in Rostrevor, 2015.

The closing concert of the 2015 Fiddlers Green Festival feature both Na Leanai as well as their parents, The Sands Family. The audience was treated to some traditional tunes and songs as well as a whole load of new tracks from the Na Leanai album Kindred Roots.

This particular video is of a traditional Breton French song with a lively Irish reel thrown in for good measure.



Fiddlers Green Folk Festival.

Rostrevor 2015

"The multi-talented offspring of the famous Sands Family, Na Leanai first emerged at Fiddler's Green Festival in 2014. They immediately captivated their audiences with their enchanting harmonies, fresh arrangements and engaging stage presence and have continued to grow in popularity."

Fiddlers Green Folk Festival