"Skagen Festival had the pleasure of these wonderful musicians, the audience loved them. They carry the folk tradition in their hearts and you can feel the respect of what they have learned from their parents The Sands Family. So when you hear one of their own songs, it feels like you already know it. They are all great singers and performers and as a participant, a Na Leanai concert will bring you joy, laughter and also moving moments."

Skagen Festival


"Even a week after the Festival every one was talking about the incredible performance of Na Leanai at the Volmarstein Irish Folk Festival. If you are looking for something special for your event then it's Na Leanai you need."

Volmarstein Irish Folk Festival


We are all familiar with the veteran Irish folk group The Sands Family from Co. Down in Northern Ireland, which is alive and well and still touring, both as a family ensemble as well as touring and recording individually. Now the next generation takes off. Na Leanaí (Irish for The Children) are the sons and daughters of Anne (Sorcha, Eimear), Ben (Ryanne), Hugh (Fra) and Tommy Sands (Moya). They grew up learning songs and singing with the family at clan gatherings and festival backstages. So their debut album "Kindred Roots" beckons to a cultural heritage worthy of protection but at the same time create a musical universe that is one-of-a-kind. Na Leanaí are exploring the folk songs of their childhood, but add twists and turns to make it their own and let it sound fashionable and up-to-date. Most of all, you can almost physically sense the fun and joy this bunch is having. There's plenty of fiddle, flute, bodhrán and guitar, but discretely employed to focus on the songs' lyrics and story and the singing (each one is taking lead) and the angelic harmonies. "Saucy Sailor", "Crow On The Cradle", "Dulaman" and the classic "Auld Lang Syne" are the sometimes obvious and sometimes particular choices. Eimear wrote "Northern Star", and Colum Sands gave his 20-year-old "The Night Is Young", a fitting finale of an entertaining album.

"How cool that these kids that I cradled as babies are following in their parents' footsteps and not only making music, but making memories for their families and all of us honorary family. And that their sound has a nod to their heritage, but is all their own. Well done Na Leanai!"

Lisa Gutkin - Grammy Award Winning Violinist

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Debut Album



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"Kindred Roots is the best debut album I have heard in years if not ever. Great songs, heavenly harmonies, excellent production and fabulous artwork."

Mike Gaston - Belfast89 FM


"The multi-talented offspring of the famous Sands Family, Na Leanai first emerged at Fiddler's Green Festival in 2014. They immediately captivated their audiences with their enchanting harmonies, fresh arrangements and engaging stage presence and have continued to grow in popularity."

Fiddlers Green Folk Festival


"Beautiful album, from a very talented family. It's great to see the next generation following in their parents' footsteps. Warmest congratulations.''

Sinead NiUallachain - RTE


"...exuding a sense of fun-in-performance that’s really infectious."

David Kidman - The Living Tradition Magazine


"an interesting blend of traditional folk with some modern twists and a strong concentration on vocal harmonies."

Trad Connect


"...the first few seconds of their set had me spellbound. The harmonies, with that Irish lilt to it, stilled the room. Utterly beautiful."

Steve Stockman - SoFar Sounds


"The strength of the band really lies in their vocal harmonies. Isn’t there something special about family harmonies? It’s hard not to be cheered up by a Na Leanai gig."

Folk & Tumble Magazine