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We are so proud to finally release our debut album!
Kindred Roots
Branching Out - Na Leanai
Branching Out

"Kindred Roots is the best debut album I have heard in years if not ever. Great songs, heavenly harmonies, excellent production and fabulous artwork."

Mike Gaston - Belfast89 FM


"Beautiful album, from a very talented family. It's great to see the next generation following in their parents' footsteps. Warmest congratulations.''

Sinead NiUallachain - RTE


"...exuding a sense of fun-in-performance that’s really infectious."

David Kidman - The Living Tradition Magazine


"an interesting blend of traditional folk with some modern twists and a strong concentration on vocal harmonies."

Trad Connect



Na Leanai

Now available in iTunes!

itunes1 itunes-logo Na Leanai - 4 Piece