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Kindred Roots CD


The critically acclaimed debut album from Na Leanai!

"Kindred Roots is the best debut album I have heard in years...... if not ever. I can't remember the last time I listened to an album without track skipping. I listened, entranced to Kindred Roots all the way through without missing a beat. Then listened to it again just to be sure I'd really heard what I thought I had. And I was absolutely right! Great songs, heavenly harmonies, excellent production and fabulous artwork."

Mike Gaston - Belfast89 FM


1   Saucy Sailor
2   Jenny Jenkins
3   Ramblin' Irish Man
4   County Down
5   Crow On The Cradle
6   Breton Set
7   Winter Trees
8   Auld Langsyne
9   Northern Star
10 Dulaman